The Good The Bad & The Ugly
2001-06-29 14:56:22 (UTC)

A Bad Feeling

My husband and I had been doing lovely since we reconciled
a year and a half ago. That is until today. Bad times
have fallen upon us and it has been frustrating.
He discovedred some long distance service on the intrenet
that was offering 1500 minutes per month for a nominal fee.
My husband saw that as a business for himself a get rich
quick business... He was so excited he was calling friends
and family giving out pin numbers for free. Then plan on
charging them all by the next month. For three days
straight he has done nothing but talk about his plans.
Before he saw the dumb ad, he was concentrating on getting
a job. It was his top priority next to getting a new car.
Now all that has been placed on the back burner. He thinks
this long distance thing is going to blow up... I see it
this way, ( The average person dosent need 1500 minutes a
month and cant afford 60 per month fee " that's how much
he's charging" yes they will take it for free; but just how
many of them will stay??)
At first I was getting scared, and very nervous that my
husband was going to mess us up again. Then by the next
day I started getting madd and annoyed. I couldnt hold
back my words I had to let him know how I was feeling.
I just came out and told him " I think your moving to fast,
your jumping in head first with eyes shut. We had our
plans set and now your stepping aside from it. Do this
phone thing on the side like on weekends. Giving away 1500
minutes free was dumb. Giving it to people who couldnt
possible afford it was also dumb."
Surprisingly he thought about it and even agreed on some
points. I felt so realieved. And he went back to our
original plan of him getting a job, the phone thing can be
done on his off hours, Shoot, I'll even help...
Today he is at a interview.. I wish him luck although I
don't think anything will happen today. They asked him to
come fill out a application and bring in resume. The person
who is to see him is out on the field alot...
Any way, last night he said something that has me upset
today. He ask me " Are you stealing from your husband?"
I said " No; why??" he didnt respond then I said " where
would I spend it, I dont go anywhere." then nothing more
was said there was complete silence. I thought about it all
night. I even remembered that I had change from a twenty i
used to buy our ciggarettes yesterday. And now I feel funny
returning it cause he may think I stole it. But I am very
madd that he would insinuate that I stole from him or that
the money isnt also mine that I have to ask for it...
I'm trying to let it pass, but it's taking sometime. Maybe
I'm making too much out of it. I just don't know how to
feel about it.

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