the world through the eyes of madahorn
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2002-07-12 07:16:27 (UTC)

the list

i have decided to make something of my life, and so heres a
list i will add on to when ever i think of someting more,
to accomplish in my life: (no order)

1.go sky diving
2.learn to surf
3.compete in a snowboarding competition on a professional soccer team in san fransisco in new york to tibet to "find myself" (i guess u could call it
9.write a book on tv on a game show
12.climb a pyrmin in egypt
13.go on a cruis ship on a beach in a shack
15.see the eifel tower to figi
17.have a family some day
18.convince a heavy religios person god doesn't exist
19.have several homes on my own island
21.make a book of my dreams, using my dreams as a guide for a
fairytale or sumptin (like #9)

more ot come lata..

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