the world through the eyes of madahorn
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2002-07-12 07:10:02 (UTC)

just thinkin

welp, i have only made one entry befrre this, and it was
all of 30 seconds ago, but already i feal the ned to write
again. i doubt anyone will actually read this, but no
matter, it gives me something to do. its 11:54, and i have
nothing to do tomorrow so i figure i might as well stay up
late, being the night owl that i am. anyway, on a more
exciting note, i was just contimplating one of the "big
questions", life. and no i'm not a god person, i'm talkin
bout real life. i truly can't stand when people waste
themselves away believing in one thing and not opening
their eyes to other things. i mean geez theres got to be
more to life than just goin to school, goin to work,
eating, sleepin, shitting, and dying. i mean really come
on! i for one have plans for mine, i want to do something!
more, i want to do many things. my main thing is i wanna
travel the world, but the again who doesnt. i just feal the
need to live in a variety of places and be able to tell my
kids (which i don't want till early 30s) and my grandkids
of these awesome adventures i went on, hell when i'm a
gramma i still wanna be on those adventures. i think
actually i'll make a list, of everything i want to do in my
life. if thats possible, infact that'll be my next entry.

oh yes one more thing bout "george" and the whole work
senerio, with him being to tired and such, a friend of my
families saw him today, and he really doesn't do that much
labor as he makes it sound, well i guess i shouldn't say
that, i meen i couldn't do 1/2 what hes doing. but anyway i
thing he just needs to ajust to the working world and get
used to having to work hard, it house be good for him.
unfortunatly i dont know how to tell him that, its so hard
to disagree with him when he just lookes do down and whiped
out, ahh what to do what to do... i'll talk with him more
bout it tomorrow.