the world through the eyes of madahorn
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2002-07-12 06:42:42 (UTC)

The begining

welp, here it goes. my boyfriend's brother has one of these
and i thought it looked kinda kewl, so i'm givin it a shot.
It really pissed me off though cuz it took me a long ass
time to find one that was free. i'm not positive to why i'm
doin thie either, oh well, shoot why not i guess. anyway,
heres my life so far in short:
i have a boyfriend who really i do believe i am in love
with, of course thogh along with the perfact dream picture
of us together, happy and worrie free, there are always
some sort of problems. well actually thats just the thing,
I'M not the one wit the problems...i guess i should say the
problems that occure arn't between us, but more him and his
delemas he manages to squeez himself into. i dunno how he
does it. for examlpe, i have this ex-boyfriend (we'll call
him bob)...we were together for quite a while, shared some
fun times but at the same time he drove me crazy. made me
feel like an idiot, all of that. so of course the new guy
(we'll call him george) has met him, hates him and cringes
when ever me and "bob" even talk. and i dont mean hate as a
stupid little term which i think is really thrown around
way to easily, i mean it as pure to the bone, wants to cut
off his feet just to see him in agony and pain, hate. its
insane! he never actually did anything to him, i mean,
geez "george" has got me now! isn't that all that matters!
god, i never understood boys, probably never will. then
agian if women did understad men, and men women, god what a
fucked up world we would live in.
well now that i have made "geroge" just sound like a
pshycho path, i must clear some things up. i feal more
confortable around him that anyone else, i can tell him
anything, ask him anything, hell, i can fart around him!
and that really goes the same for him too (yes even the
fartong part...) i mean i know soo many things about him,
things that he would acslutly not ever tell anyone, and
never has. we have this connection, more like were best
friends, two girls at a sleep-over party gossiping, telling
their deepest darkest secrets. i suppose thats a good
thing. the only real drawback i can find to this
realtionship is us spending every waking moment together,
not that i mind, it just seems like we should have SOME
time apart. thats what was so great bout this new job of
his, hes gone most of the day, and me at soccer and such,
that when we do get together we ahve more to talk about,
things that happened in our day....OH GOD I SHOULD LIKE I'M
MARRIED.... holy shit...i just hope he decides to stick
with this job full time, and not turn on it and go part
time like he wants to...but thats a whole nothing stroy in
itself, that i will not go into today.