2002-07-12 04:53:06 (UTC)

Something for a change

I thought I'd write something for a change, only I don't
know what. Always such limited time....

Thanks to Alex, Misty, and Heather for making my Diary
transform from a dark plcae for me to rant to a place where
I go to lift my spirits back up. You guys have been
great. And Misty, I know you are asleep on Troy's couch
right now as I type this upstairs on Troy's computer at
1:52 AM - but I thought you would be surprised to recieve
an email notification that I wrote after my long absence
from here so hopefully you will get it and hope for a long
letter revealing much of what makes me tick and all - but
instead all I can think of to say is very short but the
most important thing to me of all:

I love you Misty-Lee