Reality Check
2001-06-29 13:58:18 (UTC)


Daniel wrote me an email, since he's still in raleigh
that's the only communication we have right now. He emailed
me once right after we broke up asking me back out. I just
got another email today. He wrote about how the past few
days have been hell for him and how he figured out he can't
live without me. Then he talked about how much he loved me
and everything. Then at the end he wrote, "Please don't do
this to me please!". Does he think he's the only one hurt in
this situation? It's like everything's all my fault. My best
friend Tiffany got me hooked up with Robert last night.
Robert's like a surfer dude. We've been pretty good friends.
He's liked me for a while now, and i've always had feelings
for him. But I don't know why I'm going out with him. I know
he likes me but he doesn't love me. I think he's only going
out with me for sex in the first place. I really love
daniel, but daniel isn't here right now. Right now in my
life Daniel is the one...and that may change. But also right
now Daniel is gone. I feel bad about going out with other
guys while we're split up...but what am I supposed to do?
What if Robert's the one...which I doubt. I mean, when me
and daniel get back together we're probably going to stay
together for a long while...unless something happens. I
figured while we're split up i can explore some of my choices.