Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-07-12 03:44:18 (UTC)

mexicanz r hella fine!

uhh whuz been goin' on wit me lately? i keep forgettin' to
write cuz im a lil fuck and dont even think 'bout dis shit.
newayz uhh monday or sum day of dis week (haha real
percise) newayz i dumped justen. he whuznt very exciting.
he never touched me. and he barely talked to me. so im like
uhh he'z thru. and up and dumped him. he'z tryin' real hard
to get me back. i dont want him back. so it aint workin'.
im a bitch, get used to it. newayz uhh tuesday and
wednesday. we went up to allenz watched a movie and just
chilled. it whuz kool. today i didnt really do nething. my
momz made me mow da lawn. dat whuz hell. and nuttin' else
really happened. im leavin' for colorado tomorrow. still
haven't packed oh well. nuttin' like throwin' shit togetha
at da last min. kinda like homework. but itz da summer.
bookz, studyin'...fuck dat. sleep in and chill. and ya kno
yea. tomorrow we wantz to be goin' to da moviez to c
halloween, but i dunno if i'z goin' yet cuz we havent
exactly found ridez. i almost went up and saw hector today.
but we decided mayb sum otha time. hez fine. and mexicanz.
wut more could laura ask for. him he aint really dat
important. just sum eye candy and fun to fuck around wit. i
aint no skank. and i aint doin' wut ur prolly thinkin' im
doin'. just kissin and shit. datz all. my final quote for
da day. is dat mexicanz r hella fine. quote me!

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