Reality Bites
2002-07-12 03:22:07 (UTC)

This way

Yesterday I got my hair cut & colored so I am blonder & my
roots are gone thank god. Then I came home and my sister,
mom and I went out to lunch. My sister wanted me to go with
her to get her bikini line waxed because she had never done
it b4 and was she's a loser. After that I went
to Mia's and spent the night. We went to dinner with her
mom who is the greatest. She's like 35 and really cool.
Today me and Mia went for a long run and then just chilled
& watched movies and stuff til my mom picked me up at 4. I
came home and all my family was hanging out and they
ordered dinner so I ate and then went and got my legs,
bikini, and eyebrows ow...but what else is knew.
I'm going tomarrow to get a facial, manicure and pedicure
and then I should be ready to go on, I'm so
not high matinence!!;). Haven't heard from Lukas, Mia
talked to him online last night but I was on the phone with
Andrew so I just told her to tell Luke hi---he probably
didn't like that too much but oh well. He's supposed to
call tonight so we'll see. I gtg clean my messy