crackheads thoughts
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2002-07-12 03:20:42 (UTC)

love or not

well, there has been alot of stuff going and
brandon are going out but there is a story behide that, and
i dont think that i need to talk about it on here or just
in detail. i just dont want to get hurt again thats why i
think i should brake up with him. b/c i know how he is...i
mean my goodness i have went out with the boy like 500
times IN ONE YEAR!! but anyway, i still dont think that i
can do this.... its like he told me i dont think i can pull
this off. he says that he loves me but if he loves me then
why does he keep brakin my heart every time i look at him.
Band camp starts monday!!! brandon will be up there at the
high school and he will wanna come out and see me but
chandra will be there and she will go off on me..... micah
will be at cheerleadin practice and she will see us
i just dont know what to do..and jeremy called me this
mornin and said i thought u waz gonna say no.....but we
waznt goin out then. well i really dont wanna go to band
camp but i still dont know what to do bout brandon...well i
think i better get off here and talk 2 ya l8er.......its
10:23 and brandon still aint said hi to me yet.....bu-bye
all i'll post again l8er

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