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2002-07-12 02:54:46 (UTC)

Feeling Aight!

Dear Diary,
So I've Been Keepin Myself Busy As Can Be To Get My
Mind Off Things I Shouldn't Be Thinkin Bout. Things Are
Going So..So...So Im Moving On And It Feels Good, Feeling
Are Changing And My Mind Is Set On Other Better Things.
I've Avoided That Person And Thankfully Ive Done Good Of
Doing Soo....Im Surprised!I Know Sooner Or Later Ill Find
Someone But Perhaps Now Is Not The Right Time.Man Its
Thundering Bad Outside And Im Scurrrrred LOL I Think Its
Gonna Rain Hard!At The Moment I Have A Huge Migrane And Im
Soo Hungry Grrr....Owell So Basically Nuttin Is Going On At
The Moment Im Just Chillen And Trying To Live My Life At A
Step To See What It Elevates Too.I Dont Miss Think Or Need
Anyone And Im Glad To Finally Be Out Of That Stage And To
Be Able To Concentrate Myself On My Own And Do Things I
Rather Be Doing That Will Make Me Feel Better That Anyone
Else Can Do TO Make Me Feel This Way.Hey Sorry To Cut It
Chort But Im Leaving To The Movies(She Just Showed Up Out
OF The Blue So Gots To Go)BUH BYE!