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2002-07-12 02:39:12 (UTC)


oh lord. havent written inna while, so much ta tell ya.
well i went to ozzfest yesterday ( july 10th ) omg. it
rocked. Rob Zombie was the best, he kicked major ass. Ozzy
was good but Zombie all the way, lol. Adema kicked ass too.
And besides everyone smoking pot around me it was the best
night i had inna while. Anyway, the whole Marc thing, i
dunno what happened there, but im so0o over him, i saw him
today and i was like 'nah'. Im into Maurice again. lol. oh
my baby Maurice, such a hottie and i knoe he likes me, so
its all good :-D . What the hell was i thinking when i
wanted marc? ugh, i piss myself off sumtimes. Im in such a
good mood tho fer sum reason, unlike the other two times i
wrote. It was all marcs fault, lol. Anyway, another reason
im happy is cuz my friendship with Bruno isnt ruined, even
though i thought it was. were hanging out again, im happy
to say. I thought our whole friendship was in the dumps,
but what i thought was wrong. Nothing even happened between
us to make us stop talking fer that while we did. but fer
sum reason we just did. ( i think it was more my fault then
hers, lol ) Im so happy just cuz things seem to be going good
( knock on wood ) well besides our house being robbed, lol.
other then that, lifes good. And on that note imma b o u n c e.