The Next Best Things
2001-06-29 12:57:22 (UTC)

The Best and worst year of my life (part 3)

After all the problems i had with boys, parents, teachers, and school, i turned to my three best friends for support. They're names were Brittany, Jessica, and Rachael. I always confided in them, and i thought they'd always be there for me.... Little did i know..... that, that summer, the summer of 2000, changed everyone. Brittany stopped talking to me for some weird reason, which i still can't figure out, and Jessica started hanging out with Trisha alot more (trisha's a really BIG hoe) So Jessica started taking drugs, and trying to get sex, while Rachael developed a bad attitude which made it seem like she was always in a pissy mood. So i basically lost the three people who i trusted. I couldn't go to my family for help, because my dad used to abuse me, and my mom didn't give a crap. I was failing school, and it seemed as if that my world went from perfect to total and utter shit. I went to church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and i am a morman (a christian prodesent) But i never really had a strong testimony of god (a strong belief) I remember praying once in a while but i never really felt like god answered them, so i felt alone. The lonelyness got the best of me one day..... That day that is so firmly printed in my memory, that it often haunts me.......