2002-07-12 02:18:43 (UTC)

I feel sad...

I was watching Bridget Jones Diary (again) today, and at
the end where they were kissing, it reminded me of what I
was doing with Boyd, the whole fooling around and kissing
thing, and I don't know what to do because I have loved him
since I have known him, and he told me that he wants to
stay single, because he likes to fool around, and I don't
know if I can do anything with him anymore, it is just NOT
right, I dont know what to do, it's very confusing, and I
really hate it, and I was really upset by it today.

Of course I want to be with him, I have loved him for a
year and 5-6 months, it's a long time and I have NEVER
loved anyone for that long before.

So I dont know what to do!


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