There's no easy way out
2002-07-12 01:45:14 (UTC)



Greater than

That is my definition for the word image. Why do people
work so hard to maintain the perfect image, when its just
going to be a lie? It makes so sense. If you are going to
work for along to make something, don't you want it to be
true? I have came to the conclusion that people count on
image to matter instead of the person BEHIND the image.
Does anyone ever wish they could be in somekind of Disney
movie, and live the life of their famous characters??
Take Aladin for example.. Who wouldn't want to be Jasmine,
a princess with so many men at her feet. Or Cinderella
everyone treated her so badly but in the end she won. Or
better yet Sleeping Beauty, all she did was sleep and still
got the prince.. ok so maybe I am exagerrating. But that
would be my dream image. But today image is mistakened for
popularity. Which are 2 very different things. I only wish
I could finally get what I need, and I would say want but,
I really believe I NEED this. I need to be noticed for
things I have done. But maybe just maybe someday it will
happen. But maybe not because I don't have the perfect

~*~No one's a virgin, life screws us all.~*~


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