Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
2002-07-11 23:01:54 (UTC)

Late Night Drunkeness............

Well apprently i drink to much when i drink........ WAY to
much......... And apprently i talk to much when i am in
that state... Kinda like a truth serium..hehee

Well me and Matt had planned a night of watching movies and
just general talking cos we havent talked in a while i have
been depressed and he has been busy looking for a new
job... So yesterday i asked him to come over and chill with
me.. But alas it was ruined as usual from Yizzen.. GRRR
always comeing over to interupt me and matt's fun see
yizzen has a big fucken crush on Matt and always have... So
she has desided she has to be in the center of attention
when ever it comes to matt..... GRRR once again im pissed
over this see i asked matt not to tell anyone he was
comming over here so that yiz would leave us alone to chill
for once....... But i guess yiz went over to matts first
and he wasnt there then she went to her house and well and
found out that he wasnt there and so there for the logical
place for matt to be if he wasnt anywhere eles is MY
HOUSE!!!! AHHHHHHH damn HER/HIM! anyways........

SO matt brought over some FireWater 100 proof YUM and well
it hits me kinda hard.... I drunk too much to fast cos it
tastes like a fire ball the candy.... And well i drunk
almost the whole bottle after i found out that Yizzen was
gonna stay and invade my Night with Matt.... Why is it that
when i just want to relax and chill with one of my best
friends here in Tennessee it always has to be INVADED by
Yizzen.......... Well yeah anyways i got pissed and said
somethings i shouldnt and yiz was cleaning her gun and
walked away well i desided in my drunkeness that i would
drink the 3 in 1 oil YUMMY! NOooo automaticly matt took it
away from me and yell at me for doing it and well i guess
that hurt my feelings and i desided much after that... I
was going to bed.. SO i did and usual when i drink i woke
up half naked and had a massive headache... matt spend the
night here on the couch and i got up and wondered what
happend to me last night and why i had such a head ache and
well i made some lunch and he woke up to eat and told me i
was a MASSIVE tool last night i was annoying and quite mean
to Yizzen....... Yup whats the moral of this story well
Kids it is DONT DRINK AND then Turn around and try to drink
3 in 1 gun oil......... lol i think it will be quite a
while until i drink again if i ever do .... Dont quote me
on that............

Ill write more later Mistra