Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2001-01-07 08:35:37 (UTC)

Chapter 1 of this Drama

So, here I go trying to tell you why I'm starting this
online diary thingy and why my name is str8 girl,
interrupted. Well, I guess it's cuz that what I feel like
most of the time. It's like no matter what; I never, EVER
fit in. I'll always be the "straight" girl in the group
and whenever we happened to have another "straight" girl in
our group...I usually hate her. It's like I don't want her
to be with MY gay friends...they're's like "back
off...I was here first!!" And if we happen to have a
lesbian in our group...HHMMM...let's not even get on that.
So, I'm gonna write in this diary thing hoping someone
listens and understands me, cuz no one in real life does!!

Well...I'm here after a long night at the gay
club...BRETZ. It was fun. I'm still a little buzzed from
the alcohol I drank beforehand. Let's see, I saw Bry Bry,
Nick C., Donielle, Shawn, Sharon...and whole buncha people,
I vaguely remember speaking to. I don't think I even spoke
to Sharon or Shawn, but I do remember seeing them. So, I
danced and danced and danced and walked a
really cool braclet that says "ORGASM" on it...danced some
more. I guess I did a lot of dancing tonight. So as we
(Marc and I) were dancing Chris finally shows up...He had
to work so he was a little late. He leaves to go to the
bathroomm and when he comes back he's dancing with some
really tall guy. I mean I can't really say if he was cute
or not, cuz I couldnt' see that high...Just kidding. He
was tall though. My song by Nelly comes on..."E.I" and I'm
like we start dancing all ghetto and some guy
with glasses and he's kinda cute starts booty dancing me.
I mean, like...knock me over booty dancing. I was
like "ohmigod, I'm gonna fall over". He was fun to dance
with and after the song...he like grabbed my shoulders and
I look back and smile at him. What a nice gay boy to dance
with the fag-hag... :) That was basically my night at the
club. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that my friend Nick has
a "boyfriend" now. Okay...mind you...he just met him
Tuesday at the club, no less, and now
they're "boyfriends"...Hmm...I don't know. It seems a
little fast to me, but long as he's happy.

So, I get home and I'm eating some Ramen noodles and
writing in my diary...what a way to go out! LOL Well, I
must go for now...I hope this was interesting. bye!