Wo ist Amanda?
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2002-07-11 22:07:55 (UTC)

Corrections, abortions, psycho...

I seem to have this odd obsession with correcting peoples
grammar. I hate it. I mean, I don't always write
perfectly...but it really bothers me when others so
obviously miss-use, miss-spell, or miss something
altogether in their work. Now I do realize that most
things don't require you to write with such perfection, but
I always find myself correcting letters or notes my friends
write to me. I'm turning into my grandma...oh god. "Put a
comma spelled that's 't-h-e-i-r'
not 't-h-e-r-e'...blah, blah, blah!" And what's worse is
that I even hate it when people spell sounds wrong! It's a
really bad habit, extremely annoying!

I am having the worst time at work. Everyone is so mean to
me. I always have to ask for help, being that I'm new and
all. But everyone gets so frustrated with me! I can't
help it! I hate my boss, too. He sucks.

My sister is moving back in and she has decided to have her
baby. She has no idea what she's setting herself up for.
She is so immature and not ready for this sort of
responsibility. The things she worries about most in her
life at the moment is if she looks good enough for guys to
like her, and what new cd's she's going to buy. How sad.
She doesn't even have a boyfriend...just some ghetto black
dude with gold teeth who doesn't give a hoot about her. I
have some sympathy for her...yet I hate her for ruining her
life as well as another. My other sister got pregnant
too. But she's having an abortion. I can't decide what's

Last night I had a dream that I took one swig of some weird
alcohol I had never heard of before and got drunk off my
ass. I mean, I was stubbling here and there and my dream. But when I woke up, I still felt
as if I was unbelievably drunk! My mind is totally playing
with my body. The two are constantly fighting and pulling
pranks on each other...but this one really freaked me out.
It actually took me about half an hour to realize that I
was actually sober! Talk about creepy.

Well, above all (well, actually beneath all), I miss Erick
so much. I still have trouble sleeping because I can't
stop thinking about him. I love you Erick. I miss you.