The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-07-11 21:18:31 (UTC)

Tonight I'll be staying here with you

Reading: "Hieronymous Bosch," Walter S. Gibson; "The Tin
Drum," Gunther Grass.

Listening to: "Chelsea Girls," Nico; "Nashville Skyline,"
Bob Dylan; Suicide self-titled.

Watching: a lot of goddamn VH1 and Comedy Central. Some
good ("Daily Show," "South Park"), some not-very-good
("Beat the Geeks," "Crank Yankers"), some beyond good-or-
evil ("Behind the Music," "Driven").

Plotting: to form a band back home; to begin seriously
studying the craft of painting; to develop ideas for use in
said craft.

Socializing with: Tom Hall, Neal, Dan from Brooklyn; Sarah
Cooper; the Sara-Ed-Rob-Lila axis; my most beloved Jessy

Applying for a job at: Loew's Theater, Blockbuster, Dave &
Buster's (maybe)

Living at: 558 Celeron St. until July 25th. After that,
between Sara and Ed's on Orchard St. in Homestead, Tom
Hall's place in Oakland, and Jessy's house on Hobart St. in
Squirrel Hill.

Feeling: optimistic. Very, very optimistic.