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2002-07-11 21:00:36 (UTC)

July 11th, 2002

This morning I went to my (old) school to bring back the
books I have rent. I am really gonna miss that school. I
had such great times there, with Karlijn, Ikram, Audrey
and Ilse and stuff... I also had bad times there of
course! A good time I remember is that Audrey, Karlijn,
Ilse, Ikram and I were walkin to the classroom and then
suddenly, Audrey felt down. And I was walkin in front of
her..and guess what she grabbed my ancle so
I couldnt walk was just hilirious...:) A bad
moment I can remember is that ones we had art or sumthin
in a classroom, and next to that classroom there was
another classroom. And I had to go to that classroom to do
sumthin...cant remember what.. I had to make sumthin...
And then the class who was in there at that moment started
throwing things at me.. People think I am always the shy
one, but if only they knew me a lil better. One day I want
to kick their ass! Today Joyce and I got sum travelflyers
about the USA...*hint*