your face won't stay like that
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2002-07-11 19:49:23 (UTC)

someday I'll have stretch marks

It's true. I will. Stretch like a scrunchy. So will
you. And you. Maybe you already are stretchy.
Went on a hike today with my mother. Very
uncharacteristic. I think she's getting sentimental about
me leaving and wants to "bond."
hmmmm... that reminds me. james bond. I want to be a
spy when i grow up. No joke. yup that has been my
aspiration since...just ever since. I don't want to be
some freaking bond "girl" I want to have the killer car
chases and cliff hanging episodes. Uno Problemo. What do
i major in?
Ohh yea, the shit hit the fan here. Mom read my
stuff. everything. my poetry, my prose, maybe my real
journal although she denied that. you know how embarassing
that is? i'm just pretending nothing happened. I don't
let anyone read my stuff. she even read my story from
middlebury. i think she know's i base everything on real
things. cricky, what's a girl to do? find a better hiding
In desperate need of job. Applied to about 50 millions
places, no one wants me. Oh woe!!! Next stop... Doggie
Daycare. No joke, I stooped to scooping. God i hate
animals, but hopefully they's take me. I'm at the end of
my rope, or leash.

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