Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
2002-07-11 18:51:43 (UTC)

Women = Evil =

Who can blame us guys being baffled by woman:
They seems to like us but don't call us back
They act like there interested then turn you down for a

Girls really play hard to get
The more the girl likes you the harder she'll make you work
to prove you're in it for the long haul

: i have a girlfriend or i think i still have one
her name is Margaret-Anne Rose :

she is having one hell of a hard time
her sister is having a heart transplant her grand-ma is
dying : and she needs distance from me...

Sure the last girlfriend i had did the same thing

so where do i stand - nowhere thinking for what ?
for nothing - for who dows she loves me ? do i still love
her (i getting to the point that she doesint even interest
me) or exite me : she told me lastnight she was horny as
hell , well what better than to turn around and go back to
sleep : after she does not want to be with me .. but with
her friends - so it's been 3 weeks that she sleeps anywhere
else except home . she is with her Ex-Boyfriends more than
me , with her bar buddys more than me , in 3 weeks a saw
her probably 12 minutes max -

Girls sux - men don't car and the dog shit's in my yard