Stacey Marsh

my messed up life...
2000-10-24 23:20:49 (UTC)

10/24 I started going out w/..

I started going out w/ Josh on the 24th of August and I lost my
virginity to him on sept. 13th in his mom's bed. I felt so lucky cuz
everything was all cool and all and then one night I called his cell
phone and wes answered his phone sayin' he's in the other room w/
this bitch Tiffany. I didn't believe it at first but later Josh
finally admitted to me that he fucked her. I was so upset I started
drinking beer! I never drink beer only hard alcahol. I was mostly
upset cuz I thought I was pregnant. I called Gen and was crying on
the phone w/ her I told her everything which was a big mistake cuz
she made it obvious that something was wrong when Terry told her to
get off the phone. She ended up telling Terry everything and soon
Anita found out and she told fuckin Teresa! She said she didn't but I
know she did. So now everyone knows. I was crying to josh on the
phone I told him I'ld give him a second chance and if he did it again
I'ld dump him! So things were pretty much back to normal except he
got an attitude w/ me a lot and it bugged me so we would argue a lot.
Soon Tim told me he fucked Tiffany again, Josh told me he didn't so I
soon believed it, I hope it was true.
I hadn't see Josh for four weeks I still haven't seen him. The other
night (10/21) I was drunk and I called and Tim said he was fucking
Tiffany I didn't want to believe it I still don't know if he was or
not. Tiffany answered his phone once and I asked her if she was
fuckin w/ Josh and she said no I'm fucking him and going out w/ him I
got so pissed I said well this is his g/f and she says whatever and
hung up on me. Last night Josh called me and said he was going out w/
her cuz I don't trust him but I do just not as much since he fucked
Tiffany, he told me to call him the next day so I did and I said I
trust him and I like him a lot and still wanna go out so he says
he'll think about it so I'm waiting for his call.
Cathy says I should dump him but I couldn't do that when I was going
out w/ him I mean I can't let go of how it was when we were first
going out and he's so hot! Plus there's the fact that I lost my
virginity to him and it makes me mad he fucks me and just dumps me in
that harsh of a way. I really hope we still keep going out and he
dumps that fuckin bitch Tiffany! I ever meet that bitch I'll fuckin
fuck her all up Gen and Trista said they would too!
Trista and I are becoming good friends now. We got drunk on Saturday
night (the night that bitch talked to me) and my dad couldn't tell so
he let me drive to and from Mike and Val's all of the way. I drove
just fine but I wasn't as drunk as I usually get I only had 3 or 4
shots so I wasn't dizzy at all. Krista totally thought we were
seriously drunk but none of the adults could tell I thought that was
funny. Cathy and Trista went to Circus Circus which is where I work
now, I gave them money I need to quit doing that cuz it's just wrong.
Well words are short so I gotta go!
I hope things work out w/ me and Josh!

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