Krystal Faerie

My told by Krystal Faerie
2001-06-29 05:28:47 (UTC)

*~An Autobiographical Song~*


in your life you seem to have it all you seem to have
control but deep within your soul you're losing it you
never took the time assume that you're to blame you think
that you're insane won't you spare me chorus: i know the
breakdown everything is gonna shake now someday i know the
breakdown tell me again am i awake now maybe you can find
the reason that no one else is living this way yeah your
lies your world is built around two faces to a clown the
voices in your head think there's four pawns down well in
this unity fate has found the need you better check
yourself before you check out chorus if you find yourself
then you might believe then within yourself you just might
conceive chorus you can find the reason that (you can find
the reason that) no one else is living this way (you can
find the reason that way)

This song greatly fits the ways I have been feeling lately.
I feel like I have everything under control but then I just
lose it.