Just a Girl
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2002-07-11 17:31:07 (UTC)

First Entry!

This is my first online journal entry! Yea! Actually it's
my first journal too, so it's kinda weird. But I was
bored, and I wanted to do something fun, and it's not like
anyone is going to read this anyway... I've been trying to
work on my summer reading, but it's just so annoying. I
know the school year is going to be hell, and I really
should get to work on it soon, but there's still a month!
I know, I know, my motivation is ZERO (sound familiar?).
Procrastinates, unmotivated, lazy... sounds like a winning
resume to me! Anyway, I got my license a while ago, so at
least I can drive, but no car yet. Hopefully, I'll have a
car by the time school starts...eh, we'll see. Well, so
much for creating a stunning first entry. I know things
will get more interesting later. I just have to get used
to typing instead of writing, and possibly the fact that
someone might read this...weird! Exciting...yes, but
weird. Mom will be home soon, so I better get off the
computer. If anyone reads this, I'm dreadfully sorry that
it has been so dull; things will get better though. Bye