good times, good times
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2001-06-29 05:12:07 (UTC)

i hear ya Jeff!

i had the same prob. not too long ago with my ex boyfriend.
he's really deep, unfortunately the way he felt about me
was deep too. i however, didn't have the same feelings. he
was just a friend to me; a friend i liked very much but
just a friend none the less. because of his heavy fellings
for me, and my lack of reciprocation, i decided it was time
to break it off. i knew that it was gonna hurt him if i did
it, but it would hurt a lot worse later. he's still hanging
on the hope that i'll change my mind though. but at least
he doesn't hate me. that's a good thing i guess...

now for the rundown for the day:
went to work till lunch
drove to wf
registered for summer and fall classess which are as
music appreciation
hist: 20th century europe
(i can tell this will be enthralling already...)

american hist. 1865
gen. zoology and lab (wanted to take botany :( )
intro to sociology
tuesdays and thursdays are gonna be good cuz i only have
two classes, but mondays are gonna suck cuz i'll have 3
classes and a lab. 9:00 is the time my classes start on
mwf, and 9:30 on tr

i'm also pumped cuz i think i got a job at the buckle.
if that falls through i'm gonna try at the YMCA, and the
plex and mabey hastings...

after all this loveliness, i was gonna go home, but i
passed wal-mart and i saw a sign that said get your oil
changed blah blah blah, and i got to thinkin, "i wonder how
long it's been since i changed my oil" well, i'll tell ya
how long. 8000 miles! yeah, that's not cool. so i stopped
there and waited around wall mart for an hour waitin on
them to finish!

after all this mess, i decided to go see my grandma. i
hadn't seen her since graduation. that's been like a whole
month. i'm a bad kid i guess.

so that's my day.

bye ya'll!
wish me luck on my interview tomorrow! i'm a poor girl! i
need a job!!!