Rantings of a Crazed Mom
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2001-06-29 05:09:48 (UTC)

My Girls

Ya know, every parent thinks that their child is the
smartest... the prettiest..the best... BUT, I KNOW that my
2 are THE best. Gorgeous - I don't know WHERE the hell that
came from - they are like 2 peas in a pod..they look so
much alike. AND they are as different as night and day.
Moira is so ..well...calm and Olivia isn't. Moira can be
QUITE finicky and anal - this whole damn bug thing is
driving me crazy. She SCREAMS at the sight of a
mosquito ::sigh:: Olivia, on the other hand, would probably
EAT the mosquito! LOL! I can't believe that Moira is
starting school in the fall. Kindergarten..so soon. I
remember holding her in my arms, watching her sleep.
Olivia, I remember looking at her screaming face and
WISHING she would sleep. Poor kid - I wish I had figured
out about the food allergies sooner : - ( But, she is so
much better know. Paul and I SWORE that she would NEVER
sleep - I guess we lost that bet! Now, she is still on
formula...won't drink Soy or Rice milk at all. Took a slug
of rice milk and PROMPTLY spit it out - all over the floor.
LOL! Heck, I wouldn't drink it either...ICK...
But, back to my most beautiful, smartest, perfect children.
I adore them - I truly do. HOW and WHY do they get me so
damn crazy?? Moira, I just lose my mind with her sometimes.
I think I should win the bad mommy award. I just yell - and
I watch her face while I am yelling and I KNOW I am wrong.
God help my temper. I just don't know what to do with her
when she gets so freaky...I end up yelling... ::sigh::
lord - get me through another day....