enigmatic contemplation
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2002-07-11 16:30:36 (UTC)

wonderful messages

my new devotion seemed to enjoy the few images i sent him.
not great ones, but i guess they will have to do for now.
He makes me daydream.. of what could be. We share such
passion.. for lovemaking.. and.. SEDUCTION. i can honestly
say he has me wrapped around his finger with the words he
speaks.. such beatiful words. I would love for him to
inject me with his life.

I have to go to work in a little bit. Not looking forward
to it. The phone kept ringing this morning. I couldnt sleep
in.. although i never get to sleep in so that shouldn't be
anything new. I am sooo tired. I cant wait to go on
vacation. I might have to take a trip up to Wisconsin for a
weekend or so. An affair with this brand new lover would be
just what i need. Relieve some stress....