Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-07-11 16:09:46 (UTC)

Things always go in circles.

Today has been quite boring, althiugh slightly different.
Not only did I get up at 9am but I went to Paisley then
Johnstone with father. Both times for groceries. We
departed for Paisley first about 11am, procuring anytime
return tickets. £1.70 for as many bus rides as needed for
the day. Definately a bargain considering it's £1.50
return to Paisley. It was annoyingly warm today, the kind
of weather where your back sweats a lot but the rest of
you doesn't. One benefit is the walking/carrying groceries
helps you keep fit. Well it would have if I hadn't
devoured a half litre of Mars Ice Cream. Disgraceful. And
I was doing so well with my lower food consumption. To
work that off, I'll need to walk about 10 miles. Damn it. I bought
two different kinds of blonde-ing dyes so I can lighten my hair
enough to allow (eventually) a nice purple to become apparent. I
might stay blonde for a while, if the black dye ever comes out.
RPG time now.