2002-07-11 15:25:52 (UTC)

The Heat

There was a column in today's newspaper about people
complaining about the heat when all we're going to get is a
few days of temperatures in the 90s. I think you'll more
often hear the complaints from younger people. They don't
remember all that many days when it was over 95 degrees so
to them it's really unusual. To us, old timers, well, we've
seen and felt it before and we know there's no point in
complaining about it; it'll get cooler eventually. The
exception to this is the people of any age who like to find
something, anything to complain about, and do.

As a Mom who had two babies born in the winter and two in
July, the people I really feel for are the women who are
eight or nine months pregnant. I remember with fondness a
thin cotton green and white vertically stripped dress I wore
the July Gavin (birth weight-10 lbs, 15 oz) was born. I
must have looked like a watermelon with legs but Lord, it
was heaven wearing that dress!

I also feel for the women who've just brought home a first
born and don't have air conditioning and are worried about
how to keep that tiny little baby cool and hydrated. I
started worrying when I brought my first born home from the
hospital on a very warm day at the end of July and realized
all my house plants were dried up and dead. What in the
world had possessed me to think that I could take care of a
new baby? That was in 1981 when we had temperatures in the
upper 90's and low 100's day after day, in late July and
through the middle of August. I'm happy to report that the
little guy survived. I even felt confident enough to have
three more babies!