humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2001-06-29 04:48:31 (UTC)

what to do?!

OK so i know that i havent written in a hwile and sorry
about that but no one reads these anyways so no use saying
sorry...ok but anywayz i need to get this off my chest...
i am still going out with matt but i am not so sure that i
want to stil be going out with matt bc i am a bit of a
dumbass and am liking luke again......luke the one i went
out with last summer and the one i cheated on eric with but
i gotta say i am proud of myself bc luke walked me home
tonight and we hugged b4 he left and we both kinda like
paused after and just looked at eachother and our eyes
locked and i almost let myself kiss him but i didnt i
turned away so i am very proud bc even tho i am not so sure
about how i feel about matt anymroe i could not do that to
him and he doesnt deserve one does....but i am just
not so sure about how i feel about matt anymore i dont know
if i like him or i if i dont i just have no clue and i feel
so stupid from not knowing but it's cool...i am so happy
tho today was my last day of work and i get to leave for
door county on tuesday and i will be gone till sunday and i
cannot wait bc i need a break i cannot wait! i cant wait to
be away from like everything and just be chillin with nik
for a while..... but yeah as much as i hate to say it i
wil be glad to be away from stina..but i am gonna go adios

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