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2002-07-11 13:58:50 (UTC)

bored as hell at summer school

Hey all, I am bored as all hell at summer school. I just
got my lil report card thingy and it turns out I need to
fin. a few things in comp. class so I came in early today
to do so. Well my summer has been pretty boring so far.
Lots of people have been going out of town, and I'm like hm
I went to chicago!!,lol. But today i met shaina's aunt. She
was so nice and reminded me of Mrs. Munos soo much it was
scary, even when she talked.I was like hi, I'm shaina's
best friend meaghan, adn the first thing she said back to
me was "ur gorgeous" I Was like umm thanx. It was really
nice of her to even tell me that. (especially since all I
have on is mascara and lipgloss)lol.Last night i had a
basket ball game, it was soo intense the girls were like
throwing us down, and their coach was even more of a
psycho, he kept screaming "attack! attack!" we were like
AHHHH!!!plus there were only 4 1/2 of us (meg came late
then broke her finger mid-game)so it was 4 on 5 like almost
the entire game.I am soo excited about the upper school! I
really am, all the upperclassmen, adn today this really
pretty soph. introduced her self to me. She was like "hey
I'm adriene!" I was like "Hey I'm Meaghan!"lol. but i saw
who she was friends w/and it's all the popular sophmores,
so she prob. won't like me,lol (the soph. girls have a deep
hatred for us because we "steal their guys",lol. and in
case ur wondering, no we don't steal their men, we can't
help it if they think we're hotter then them,lol. Well I
think I am gonna fin. researching the damn paper I came in
to do!!!
luv always
mood: hungry (no breakfast) bored
clothes: pink Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, abercrombie minny
skirt, reef flip flops, messy curly pony tail(didn't do my
hair either,lol)
music: none :(.........this is horrible

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