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2002-07-11 08:28:38 (UTC)

last 2 days

hey guys...

let me continue ..this is the best entry im going to write
i think...

the last day i wrote:

after althat stuff i wrote.. i went home.. we had Farrouj
and it was good. i was waiting for a phone call from my
cousin Amer, we wanted to go out with Nahel.. we
werethinking of where to go...
then we went to my cousin nahels house by cab and since
their house is near the president's compound, they have a
lot of security.. which is a pretty good thing. then we
went upstairs and i talked with my aunt who is a travel
agent.. shes fixing up a trip to lebanon.. then we sat for
a while and went to the car(nahels driver Abu Haysam)...
then we finally decided to go to Jabal Qasyoom.. we went up
and saw the whole city and everyone was so tiny! then we
went to a place called Kafersoosa.. for shawarma, oh my god
i had the best shawarma in my life there.. it was really
good... then we went back home and i was pretty tired so i
just slept..

yesterday ..

i woke up and my dad told us to get dressed. we were going
to the passport places to renew our passports (i believe
this is the 8th time i go there).. we went there and it
turned out that there was a paper not filled out yet.. then
my dad kinda got ticked off and we went to his shop.. then
we went back to the passport placeand there was another
paper not filled out.. now my dad was really not happy...
we went to his store.. and it was too late for me to gtmy
glasses or see a tennis instructor.. then i went home and
had lunch.. at around 4pm i went to drop my mom off at my
aunts house.. i went in their house and she thought i was
KENAN!!!!! oh i didnt like that at all!!!!! but what to
do... then i went to get my glasses with my dad and we went
to Dar Al ShifAA hospital.. my grandfather's cousin was in
intensive care....

when i saw her.. i couldnt believe how a person can be like
this.. the top of her tongue was peeling off and she could
barely see.. it was hard to understand what she was
saying.. she was 96! wow... i just hope everything is ok.. .

then i went home.. i was kinda tired so i did all i can do
in computer science without a computer.. it was around 11
pm so i went to sleep..]

today was a good day... i woke up and got dressed quickly
to go to the passport place.. i went by cab with kenan and
we finally got in and waited 20 minutes and then we stamped
with our thumbs and that was it... thank god...

then i went by cab to Al Jalaa' club which is near my house
to see a tennis instructor.. it turns out hes the
instructor of anothe cousin of mine!!! and now im here
typing this boring letter.. now im thirsty so im leaving to
go get a drink and walk home.. bye guys!
EMAIL ME YOU !@%^^%@#$$$%%^$#^$&^ :):)

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