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2002-07-11 08:17:56 (UTC)


Why me? Why does this happen to me? I went out with some
friends today there was a lot of people, and then it was
just me, locky and boyd left, so we went to my house
because we had nothing better to do. So we went to my
house, they went through all my stuff to try and find porn
and obviously I have NONE! Later on, I got with locky for
a dare, and then he left after a while.

Boyd stayed and I was sitting on him infront of the
computer desk, and he started kissing my back, then he
started undoing my bra, and then rubbing me, and of course
I was turned on by this, especially since I have loved him
for 1 year and 5-6 months, it's been a long time and he
just broke up with emma, his girlfriend, and they had been
going out for just over a year, and then we went into my
room and started making out on my bed, and we were just
fooling around, and he does these mind things, he always
knows when somethings up, and then I told him because he
put me under a lot of pressure, so I told him that it felt
weird, because it was unexpecting, but he knew something
else was up, and that is the fact that I love him, and he
said that we are not going out, but I love him so much but
I don't know what to do, I really love him!

So I guess I'll have to tell him, because he said that he
is going to bother me until I tell him whats up!

Well I don't know what else to say, so I am going to head
off now, I might right another one later, I dunno yet!?!?

Well buh baiz!?!?

Luv Rhi!?!? :P

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