lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-07-11 07:01:39 (UTC)

wednesday, wednesday

hmmm....well this morning i woke up early, went to
work until 1, came home, helped my mom with her little
pool party and talked to marisa when she came...took a
shower after i went in the pool, made some cookies,
went to the hendog house and delivered my
scrumptious goodness and mr. henry tried to attack the
cookies before i made it up the driveway...and then
anna & i watched more stuff about 'n sync and we now
have a wedding dance for marisa and dave...which he
tried to do with her on his back...hmm yeah that's all i
have to say. and my dad & mr. henry really are getting
married. they made out in the driveway. not. but they
did look at pics together. yeah and then as i was
leaving, we saw colin & my dad talked to him cuz he is
so dang friendly. i wish i could be as nice as my dad
is. haha. oh well. well that was my day. goodnight all!
call me sometime!!!! it's summer!!! yay!