Fish Out of Water
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2001-06-29 03:45:21 (UTC)

An Online Diary Virgin

Hello World! That's what they always wanted us to make the
computer output to the screen. As a new college grad with
no job and no prospects, I have had a lot of time in the
past month to evaluate my life, my dreams, my goals, and my
pillow. It's amazing just how much time you can spend
sleeping after 4 years of Engineering. So, here I am,
living back at home. It is very hard to re-adjust to living
at home after you've been away for so long. I was an RA in
college, so I still lived in the res. hall my senior year,
but I had my own room and my own place to hide from the
world. Now that I'm back home, I still have my own room,
but I can't hide in there. Even though there is a lock on
the door, my mother would be really pissed if I ever
actually used it. Which is stupid... why put a lock on the
door if you can't lock it? Actually, I am kinda lonely. My
sister is doing an internship at a really cool gov't.
agency that starts with an "N" and ends with an "A" and has
a "AS" in the middle. She has wanted to build rockets since
she was born and she is finally getting the chance to.
Sorta. She's actually working on something else, but she's
still at NASA and its gonna look kickass on her resume. So,
its just me & Mom at home. However, Mom has recently
aquired a new boyfriend. He seems really nice and she is
very happy with him, but she's never home between work and
friends and her rendezvous with the new beau. So, that
leaves me to myself, my weight watchers meals, and my few
friends left from high school who are around. Most of them
are only here until August, though when they move on to
bigger and better things and I continue to wake up at Noon
and sit around the house all day in my pj's. Seeing how the
job market is so crappy these days, I did decide recently
that I am going to pursue law school, which is a story unto
itself. More on that another day. I am looking forward to
babbling incoherently into this online diary and I really
want your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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