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2001-06-29 03:40:57 (UTC)

well shes a bitch

all my mom ever wants to do is bitch bitch bitch bitch. i
am gonna start calling her MRS.BITCH, oh believe me she
deserves the name more than anyone. i wouldnt lie to a damn
comp. i am really starting to hate her and it pisses me off
so totally. she use to be pissed so much cause i never
went anywhere and i didnt have no friends. now i have tons
of friends and i always wanna go somewhere not only that
she also makes me clean and babysit all the time wheich i
dont mind so that means my friends have to come to me. so
they do then she bitches cause theres always people here
when she gets home. and she constanly calls my b/f a
wetback, which he is not he has a job, a nice truck, money
and hes fine as hell. well hell i am gonna go bitch back.

daughter of MRS. bitch

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