down in my eyes
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2002-07-11 05:51:02 (UTC)

the way you are.

I didnt talk to him taday... but, thats ok. 'Cos he
left me feelen happy... 'n safe. for the moment.

"I like you, the way you are..
When we're driven, in your car,
'N you're talken to me.. one on one"

-Avril Lavigne

My dad bought me a new phone.. since he got really mad
acouple days ago..: he tried callen a billion times, he
said,..'n i didn't answer. But i was NAPPING.. 'n i
didn't hear the phone. I didn't hear it, cuz the closest
phone is in his room.. but it's practically broken,..
'n ..our other two phones are downstairs.
He got pretty upset about it..but.. wut can i say?
"Ok, I'll listen harder.. next time i'm sleeping." ??

Anywayz, he bought me this new phone. I likeit,..ithink.
It's turquoise tho... But, it has all these hi-tech
operations with it.. 'n it's small enuff to pass as a
cell phone. It has an interesten head set too.
I'd thought that Headsets.. are set..on the head- but
with this, you bizarrely attach it to your ear...
But it's cool.

Damn. I can't believe i just wrote so much... about a
freaken phone.

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