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2002-07-11 05:22:55 (UTC)

Too proud to love me

You're threatening my stability. Intruding with the
truth. You dont need me, your conscience does. You don't
love me, your mind does. You don't care for me, your
instinct does. How I must clap at your show, you amuse
me. You amuse my mind and soul, and now I'm dying of
laughter. My hope is collapsing and you're not around to
catch me. So when I hit your patronizing earth I hope the
earthquake breaks your stride. You've deafened me of all
optimism that I'm not aware of your traffic of ignorance.
So when you hit me, I hope the glass will shatter, and
carve my pain into your soul. But when I find the
strength, to hoist myself to my feet, just wait. My love
will burn you, scratch you, kill you. Just like your pride
did to me.