Livin' Large....or...not.
2001-06-29 03:27:29 (UTC)

But the job still sucks.

Okay, so I have a fun day at work. But there's always gotta
be something that screws things up: The headline over the
martial artist girl I photographed says: "You Tae Kwon Do,
Girl!" I nearly spit up my coffee this morning when I saw
it. What the f--- is that???
Especially because the copy editors were tossing the idea
around the night before, and I ridiculed it so thoroughly
that I thought they got the hint. I guess not.
For one thing, it's a pretty big stretch as a play-on-words.
Doesn't work well enough. Secondly, I don't think newspapers
should attempt to tap into pop culture for that kind of
stuff. It's usually dated and overused by the time they get
hold of it. And thirdly, because she's female they think it's
cute to think up some ditzy headline. If it were a man they
would never dream of doing something so cheeseball.
The picture was good, I tried really hard to do my job well,
and then some desk jockey drags the whole thing down. So...I
throw up my hands in defeat.
Maybe the local coffee shop needs another barista. It's gotta
be less annoying than this.