Kristal Stagner

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2001-06-29 03:22:07 (UTC)

6/27/01it was crazy

omg! yesterday was crazy as hell. me and some friends and
my family were going to the lake and me and my friends
shanna were gonna go pick my friend vallie. well my aunt
said no and no and no. finally she said yeah. well we went and my
friend said she knew a shorter was so we went. well as we were going
down a hilla car was coming up the hill. and we just hit each other.
i freaked out and my body went into shock. we then car stoped i
opened my eyes and and saw blood everywhere all over me and shanna
and a little bit on vallie. but i was the worst. we got taken to the
hospital in the ambulance. i was the one who had to get in the
strecher. god i was so scared i was gonna die. well after i got the
hospital vallie got to go home with no scratches or cuts. shanna got
10 stiches. i was taken in for x.rays and all this other shit. i got
like 3 shots. and then they pulled glass out of every cut i had and
then cleaned me up and i went home.they gave me some pills and then i
fell asleep. i have never seen shanna cry before. and she stayed with
me the whole time i was in the room until the doctor came to see her.
she wanted to make sure i was okay. i prayed and prayed that
everything was alright. well thanks so much GOD. adn later people ill
write tomorow

your pimp,