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2002-07-11 03:15:30 (UTC)


I got my car today. =D Its so nice. It has a cd player
with pretty buttons. Its got ac, power windows. Its
nice. Its a 1991 white Century Buick. Mmmmmmm. So good. I
really like it. And I paid for it all. No help from mommy
or daddy. All mine. All my hard earned money was used to
buy it. And it was worth ever single penny. 1425 dollars
of my money put to MY car. So nice. I know its my first
car and thats affordable. Mmmmmmmmmm its so comfy. Its so
nice sounding. I started it and got such a rush. I love
my car. Yes I love it. That word that is shit. But this
isnt for a human. Its inanimate it wont break my heart. I
love my car. Well Im gonna split. Laters all.