Blind My Eyes
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2002-07-11 03:03:50 (UTC)

First entry under this name

I didn't mean to erase my last diary, but i guess i did...
ok. so here goes... i finally ditched my abusive boyfriend
and now i'm working on me.... my personality and things
like that... i mean, i know i have a lot of flaws that i
need to fix, so why does it seem like everything begins to
happen now... like, i can actually go out and do things
with my friends... met a guy a few days ago... i like him
even though a lot of people say he is a jerk... i'm not
gonna go with him or anything... i don't even want a
relationship for like 6 months or something... after 9
months with one guy, it's gonna be hard to get used to
someone else, so i'm giving myself time.... but that
doesn't mean i can't look, and the guy i am looking at now
is amazingly sexy. lol.... i'm not gonna touch though.
has anyone seen the mummy returns?? damn good movie. just
thought i'd put that in there... my diary is probably a
little different from most peoples' on here, but then
again, i'm a little different than most people. in a good
way though. :-)
well, i'm out... have to be up early tomorrow and still
have clothes to iron.
NIGHT ALL!!!!!!!!!!

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