A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
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2001-06-29 02:44:02 (UTC)

This place is not fit for living standards

Grass seems to be greener on the other side, here I get to
live in creepy ass Maryland. This place has nothing to do,
where I live is all historic back roads with abandoned farm
houses and woods, some community life but all of it is
washed up
middle age people with nothing better to do but watch you
from a window. I recognize the place im in, i can only
accept it for what it is, boring. never in my life have i
felt so trapped, i want to move back to Baltimore City, at
least there i was never bothered, well aside from the time
someone set fire to our foyer, Or the time some crazy
lunatic took a shit in the basement, either then that I
kinda loved that crazy city, something needs to be done
about the heroin, then the fiends will thrive in another
I know i was moved by this one girl but i had to say good-
bye, it was a sour move on my behalf, i know if i would
have stayed with her i would have hurt the feelings she had
for me, i was just starting to she her at a different
angle, more as a friend then any type of monogamy, or even
a relationship if that. but no regrets i just get to sit
here knowing that there is someone out there that's sees
what im saying, but she lives to far to see, that's the way
it works out right? maybe something will happen, i don't
know. my magic 8 ball and i are have a miscommunication
problem, he's unreliable now. The magic 8 ball is only good
for the weather, trust me....
O well got 2 go

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