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2001-06-29 02:36:58 (UTC)

29/05/01 - 12:28PM

Short entry today. Just while I am waiting for our work's
ISP to sort out why our domain names aren't doing what they
should. I could end up with a long entry after all judging
by their incompetence. I wouldn't have thought it would be
hard to make a .com site divert to a site.. but
apparently it is like super difficult you know...

I am tossing something up now. I met a guy on hot or not,
just as a friend, who is coming to Melbourne in a few weeks
for business, and wants to meet up for a drink, strictly
platonic he says, (he has a wife and kids)... I don't know
if that is a good idea. I might see if my brother wants to
come along with me... might be safer... what do you think
my people?? Speaking of that, I had one response to my
please for some acknowlegement yesterday, thankyou anon. If
it was Rose, well I know you read and care doll, if not,
thanks to my mystery reader... nice to know someone is

Well I best be off...



"This head is empty and for display purposes only, the
brain is being stored behind the counter for safe keeping"
~ Me..