There's no easy way out
2002-07-11 01:42:20 (UTC)


Ok way to start this diary on a very morbid note.

I was watching a movie called Alive. Ethan Hawke starrs in
it. The movie is based on a true story about a uraguayan
rugby team who was on their way to a game when they crashed
into the Andes mountains. They ran out of food. They are
really catholic and a man named Nando decided to eat the
dead passangers. Yes that sounds gross, but think about it.
If I was starving I would do it to. Of course that makes me
seem disgusting. Anyway they were 29 people that had crashed and in
the end only 16 survived. More would have survived but when they were
there, an avalanched killed 8 people. The team really came together,
and tried so many things to survive. But it really came down to one
man named Nando. He hiked in the mountains with a man named Roberto
Canessa. It took them 10 days to climb over the mountains and to get
to Chile, but they made it. At the end of the whole adventure, I
looke don the internet and it said the pope forgave them for eating
their dead friends. They made a good point in the movie. If my body
could help others live they would have permission to eat me. Anyway
this movie really made me think about life and how precious it is.
Well get back to me.

~*~ I just wanna know why there's no easy way out, there's
no short cut home, there's no easy way out giving in can't
be wrong...~*~


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