The Diary of Rebecca Kinser
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2001-06-29 02:06:38 (UTC)

Tonight's Virtue.....Patiance

In case your wondering about the Topic/Title, every night
at BBS we have a new Virtue. Monday was Holy. Tuesday was
Compassion. Wednesday was Humility, and tonight was
Patiance. I'm a counsiler there so I have to know lol.

Ok. Ok. I'll cut the crap and get to Gregg! Well...tonight
I asked him if he wanted to go check out the youth group at
FBCS...since there was youth at this particular
church. And well.....he nodded...I dunno. Anyways, he is
like...soooooo sweet. Yesterday...he kept getting me chairs
and stuff. Ok! About tonight! Well.....We were getting off
pretty good until....about 7pm I guess. Then I THOUGHT he
was mad at me. ...Anyways, we got into the same "Arts and
Crafts Room" and after all the kids left to go put dirt in
their cup for their plant, I was like," Your mad at
me...and thats not fun!" He raised an eyebrow and
said,"SINCE WHEN?" I was So other than
that TINY mix up, he kept smiling at me,and well....he
kinda flirts....Tommorrow's Virtue is
like....I'll tell you bout that tommorrow!

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