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2001-06-29 02:01:00 (UTC)

IM NEW!!!!!!!!!!

wow. this is really cool. well to give some people a heads
up on me im a 13 year old girl iwth average interests. like
movie stars and all that. i have 1 sister who is 1 yr and 3
months and she is so adorable. i love chatting with people
on MSN Messenger. im always on practically. anyways i loke
to play soccer and plan on taking tae kwon do. im an
average student who loves doing average things. i hang with
my firends and do email alot. i love to meet poeple over
the internet. i love being weird and am proud of it. just
ask my friend serenity260. she'll tell you. anyways...thats
all for now... more later

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