Anonymous Thoughts
2002-07-10 22:28:28 (UTC)


yea ... so i dont think i've written in here for like HELLA
months ... oh wells, what was the last thing i even wrote?
no clue ... anyhooooo, yea .... lets see ... i probably
wrote like during the middle of the school year or
something ....

what i've been up to:
i graduated in june ... going to 'land of the cows' next
year ... went to summer advising this last weekend, hated
it, cuz i'm shy and i didnt really meet anyone ... iono,
girls are scary, they're all these high maintanence fluffy
buffys and yea, all the azns are skinny-sanrioLovin-preppy
girls ... or ok, yea im stereotyping cuz im sure everyones
nice or some people .... but yea, i basically starved and
hated it ... cuz i hate being alone so it got really really
depressing the first day and yea, thank gawd for cell
phones or i would have hated it more ...

umm yea, so the 2nd day Glenn rescued me and i bought us
din din and ummmmm yea *MUAHZ* to that boy, my savior ...
hehe ... um what elses der der ...

yea ... 4th of july was 'bangin' ... haha, watched
fireworks, they were kinda weak and slow throughout the
main thing, but the finale was kewl ...and um yea, watched
them in oakiville with Glenn, Bear, Kim, Carl and David and
then C&D bought fireworks and lit them in the grass, haha,
setting the shrubby-low-brown grass on fire ... so they
kept having to stamp it out ... and this old guy in the suv
next to us, was like "HEY GO DO THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE" and he
was just an old crabby biatch .. hehe .. umm and yea ...

stuff happened with C&B ... and then Shash at this moment
is a bit bitter on love, understandable after going through
a long crap assy relationship, she'll come around
eventually ... um and what elses ... uhh yea ... just
stuff ...

... there was a Glenn "incident" but we worked through
it ... and yea, i'm more uncertain and kinda paraniod these
days, but thats understandable ... i just sorta wish
the "incident" never happened and we could forget, but ah
wells, things happen ... and he's gonna get my chinese name
tattooed to his arm or chest, so yea .. that'll be
interesting ... um what elses, yea ...

Glenn's been getting hella shiz from his parents about me
and how i mess up his priorities and he has to work for his
dad again now and all this other crap and i think his mom
is a hella fake biatch, cuz she tries to act all nice, but
then i hear her on the phone with him, how she thinks i'm
messing up his life and she doesnt want us together, grrr,
stupid biatch ... um what elses, so yea, a bunch of stress
and i'm sunburned right now ... blah ...

anyhoooo ... yea, i'm better now that i'm home from 'cow
land' ... i just feel happier, and i messed up with some
friends for being flakey, but i think that'll be ok now
too ... so yea .. things are a bit better .. oOo and i
found all these vocal trance/house/dance songs that i
liked, and i managed to find them online and get them, cuz
i had no idea who they were by, only what they were called,
or what i thought they were called ... so yea ... "Can't
get back - GHB" is a good song and so is "drowning(remix) -
Ak 1200" ... and yea ... all the avril lavigne, her songs
grew on me, hella cool now ... and yea, bout to play sims
cuz i haven't for hella long ....