Me and More
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2002-07-10 20:40:40 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

Ya it's been a couple days since I last wrote in this
thing. I still give up on everything. I'm trying my hardest
to keep my feelings from governing me or affecting me in
any way. I'm just tired of everything. So I say fuck it. If
no one wants me I don't want them. What ever happens it
happens. Etc.

You know the other day I was wishing a car would hit me
while I was driving. I'm all over the place lately. I was
in a good mood yesterday and last night. But I had this
fucked up dream that made me upset and I think it means I'm
meant to have shitty bf's forever. I really how you found
Turtle, Michelle. You are the luckist person. I really envy

Yep so that's that. I'm out for now. My life is so much fun
ain't it! Ya fuck my life. Bye