2002-07-10 20:12:06 (UTC)


Today is pretty much the same as yesterday; trying to get
the necessary chores done in the morning and
then trying to keep cool the rest of the day. The highs, they say
now, could reach close to 100 degrees. I've also heard it
takes five to seven days for the human body to adjust to
such high temperatures but that probably won't happen as
it's supposed to cool back down to the 80's by the week-end.
Imagine that! Eighty degrees will sound like a cool

The cats are smart, sleeping in the shade in the backyard.
So is the dog. He's found himself a spot under the poplars, right
between the lilacs, to take his nap. I enjoy hearing the
whoosh whoosh of the next door neighbor's sprinkler but
besides that and a few birds, there's very little noise. I
don't hear kids playing or radios or cars driving by.
Everyone is inside waiting for the temperature to drop a bit
before returning to their regular lives.

It's 1 p.m I think I'll go take a little nap.